Cat breeds: Tonkinese

Cat breeds: Tonkinese

FIFe classification and history

Country of origin: Burma - United States.

The Tonkinese cat was selected in the United States (New Jersey) in the early 1960s.
Miss Jane Barletta began to create a new breed by crossing a Siamese with a Burmese; the same selection work was carried out in Canada by Miss Margaret Conroy. The subjects born from these first crossings were coupled together with the aim of creating a definitive standard. The new breed, called Tonkinese, was officially recognized in 1979 by TICA and CFA, the two most important feline associations in the world (more information

General aspect

It harmoniously brings together the best characteristics of Siamese and Burmese: the first shows the proportioned, muscular body and the harmonious roundness and the second shows the colors with the characteristic spots on the ends (muzzle, legs and tail). A compromise between the slenderness of the Siamese and the robustness of the Burmese. puppies are born light and darken as they grow.

Tonkinese or Tonchinese cat (photo


Affectionate and sociable, ideal for those looking for a tender pet. The master follows everywhere, even in bed. Intelligent and playful animal, he easily learns how to open doors and doors. Loneliness suffers greatly if it is not returned. They are perfect cats for families with children. He is not a chatterbox like the Siamese, but he is a cat who makes himself heard.


The care you need is minimal. Just a brushing with a horsehair brush and a pass with a chamois cloth once a week. The ears must be cleaned only if necessary with a specific product. The nails can be blunted with special scissors.

Tonkinese or Tonchinese cat (photo

Variety of color

The coat of Tonkinese is a middle ground between that of Siamese and that of Burmese: this means that there is always the contrast between the dark coloring of the ends and the body, but being the coat of a more intense color, this contrast is attenuated. There are currently 4 recognized colors:
-Natural-Seal (brown-mink and dark brown body on the tips);
- Chocolate-Champagne (cream-light brown body and medium brown tips);
- Blue (light blue-gray body and more intense slate-blue tips);
- Lilac-Platinum (ice gray body and light gray tips).
Tonkinese can be Mink, Point or Solid.
Mink: it has the characteristic eye color called "sea water" which is characterized by the blue-green hue and the tips are less marked with the rest of the body.
Point: has blue-blue eyes and the tips are extremely marked compared to the rest of the body.
Solid: it has green-yellow eyes and the tips of the coat are practically invisible, so much it gives the effect of a cat with a homogeneous color.


Category: Short Hair.
Medium build; muscular body with massive bone structure.
Head: oblong, with slightly squared muzzle; slightly rounded nose with a slight stop.
Ears: medium size, wide at the base ending with oval tips.
Eyes: slanted, blue.
Limbs: thin but musky.
Tail: as long as the body.
Coat: short hair, close-fitting to the body, shiny and touch similar to silk.

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